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The Beauty is Unsurpassed, the Possibilities are Endless
With your surface as the canvas, Terrazzo provides the ability to transform creativity into a durable and timeless art. The glue that truly bonds your system together, Terroxy® Resin Systems' Epoxy Matrix, provides a beautiful, seamless surface that is easy to maintain.

Common Applications
Airports, Cafeterias, Hospitals, Locker Rooms, Museums, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Schools, Shopping Malls, Stadiums/Convention Centers

Cost Effective
Consider the lifecycle of an average commercial flooring system. During the lifetime of a building, the total cost of flooring may exceed 35 times the initial cost. With terrazzo flooring systems, floors will typically last the lifetime of the structure. While other systems may require many repairs or even replacement utilizing additional valuable resources, terrazzo flooring systems require minimal maintenance.

Limited Only by Your Imagination
Terrazzo offers designers the ability to create the most distinctive patterns and the most vibrant color palette for their projects. This unlimited design and color flexibility is unique to epoxy terrazzo. By selecting the appropriate colors, patterns and aggregates, designers can create virtually any design imaginable.

Infinite Beauty
Terrazzo provides a system that is long-lasting and easy to maintain. Resistant to chemicals, oil, grease and bacteria, Terroxy is ideal for commercial, industrial and institutional applications. This special formulation does not allow for colors to fade or wear thin. The colors you choose today will be just as vibrant in 40 years.

A Complete System of Terrazzo Products
Terroxy® Resin Systems also provide peace of mind by enhancing the durability of your terrazzo flooring system with the finest selection of quality primers, anti-fracture membranes and sealers; helping to make your flooring needs complete.

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Details, Product Data,Technical & LEED

Flat Base

Cove Base

Crack Detail Isolated

Crack Detail Full Coverage

Contraction Joint

Isolation Joint

Option in Artwork

Terrazzo Control Joint Over Full Elastomeric Membrane

One Piece Tread Riser

Two Piece Tread Riser

Tread Only

Construction Joint Next Day Pour Joint

Transition Detail to Dissimilar Finish

Terrazzo Specification


NTMA Technical Bulletin #111

NTMA Care & Maintenance

LEED Recycled Content Summary Recycled Chip Collection

LEED  VOC Content Summary

NTMA Green Terrazzo

LEED Manufacturing Location

NTMA Cost Comparison

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Divider Strips


The aggregate (chips) used in terrazzo includes all calcareous, serpentine and other natural stones capable of being ground and taking a good polish (e.g. marble, onyx, etc.). Glass is the newest rage in terrazzo chip, adding vibrant color, depth and recycled content for LEED projects. A finished terrazzo floor has a minimum of 70% chip density on the surface and makes up 75% of the terrazzo by weight. Chips are graded by number according to size in conformity with industry standards. Standard Sizes are #0 (Small), #1 (Medium) and #2 (Large). Click below to see examples of different chip sizes.

Sample using 50% #1 & 50% #2 size chips

Sample using %100 #1 size chips

Sample using 50% #0 & 50% #1size chips

Divider Strips are an integral part of the terrazzo system. They are used to do just as their name suggests… provide an aesthetic transition between colors and surfaces.  Available in zinc alloy, aluminum, brass or plastic, divider strips can be specified in custom sizes and shapes, or in intricate configurations such as company logos. Divider strips are also used during the installation of terrazzo to set the overall height of the system.  Typically 3/8” They are used to enhance or highlight color patterns for outstanding combinations.

Chip Brochure

Strip Brochure

Chip Ratios

Epoxy Resin

The glue that truly bonds your system together, Terroxy® Resin Systems' Epoxy Matrix, provides a beautiful, seamless surface that is easy to maintain. The epoxy matrix represents 25% of the terrazzo floor by weight and can be pigmented to match any paint color.  The epoxy resin is non porous and contains No VOC so it will not affect the indoor air quality of the building during or after installation.

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